About us

HEDC building front door

The Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC) at the University of Otago was officially established as an academic department in 1978 by merging the Audiovisual Learning Centre with the Higher Education Research and Advisory Centre. HEDC is one of the oldest departments of its kind anywhere in the world.

Substantial development has occurred over recent years and we now have a worldwide reputation for our research and this knowledge provides the basis for our service to the University. Our service commitment includes leadership in research, academic development and teaching in the field of higher education. HEDC works in partnership with staff and students to advance, preserve and promote the ideals, knowledge and values of higher education.

HEDC has a large and highly valued cohort of New Zealand and international postgraduates who undertake PhD and Masters level research into contemporary issues in higher education.

Recent HEDC successes

  • Congratulations to Clinton Golding who recently won a University of Otago Teaching Excellence award 2016. He was given the award “for making a difference for students and staff from all departments; guiding them to useful ah-ha moments about teaching and research, using conversation not presentation.”

  • Congratulations to our Postgraduate Students who recently graduated. From left: Senorita John (Master of Higher Education), Kwong Nui Sim (PhD), Sharon Sharmini (PhD) and Shalendra Kumar (Master of Higher Education).

  • Dr Ben Daniel Motidyang, Senior lecturer in HEDC celebrating his early confirmation as a staff member at the University.