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Academic progress Kerry Shephard
Advising (student and course) Kerry Shephard
Assessment Rob Wass, Tony Harland
Automated assessment and tutorial systems Jenny McDonald
Automated plagiarism detection tools Jenny McDonald
Blended learning Jenny McDonald, Ben Daniel
Clinical teaching Clinton Golding
Community-engaged learning and teaching Kerry Shephard
Computer-assisted language learning Jenny McDonald
Confirmation path Clinton Golding, Kerry Shephard
Course development and curriculum mapping Kerry Shephard, Tony Harland, Rob Wass, Clinton Golding
Design/visual communication Gala Hesson
Dialogue Clinton Golding
Distance teaching and distance learning Vijay Kumar Mallan
Education for sustainability Kerry Shephard
Educational technology development Ben Daniel, Russell Butson, Jenny McDonald, Adon Moskal, Richard Zeng
Educational use of technology Ben Daniel, Swee Kin Loke, Jenny McDonald, Russell Butson
eResearch Russell Butson
Evaluation Kerry Shephard, Clinton Golding, Tony Harland, Allen Goodchild
Grant applications for teaching and learning (CALT, eCDF, TeLRF, TLRI, TMF) Jenny McDonald, Tony Harland, Ben Daniel
ICT infrastructure to support learning and teaching Ben Daniel, Russell Butson, Richard Zeng, Adon Moskal
Intelligent tutoring systems Jenny McDonald
Interdisciplinary teaching Clinton Golding
Large group teaching Rob Wass
Lecturing and large group teaching Rob Wass
Mentoring Tony Harland, Clinton Golding
Networked learning and social networking Russell Butson
Otago InForm Adon Moskal, Allen Goodchild
Otago Teaching Profile Kerry Shephard, Clinton Golding
PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Rob Wass, Carole Scott, Hayley Horwood
Peer review Clinton Golding
Personalised Learning Environments (PLEs) Russell Butson
Postgraduate supervision Kerry Shephard, Clinton Golding
Problem-based, inquiry-based learning Tony Harland
Promotion (and the link to evaluation) Kerry Shephard, Tony Harland
Questions and questioning Clinton Golding
Research/teaching links Clinton Golding
Small group teaching Rob Wass
Student experiences Russell Butson
Student journals Russell Butson
Student response systems (clickers) Jenny McDonald
Student voice Russell Butson
Student use of technology Ben Daniel, Russell Butson, Jenny McDonald
Teaching awards Clinton Golding
Teaching consultation (one-to-one or group) Tony Harland, Clinton Golding
Thinking (e.g. critical thinking or clinical reasoning) Clinton Golding
Tutorial dialogue and feedback Jenny McDonald
Tutors and demonstrators Rob Wass