Akoranga, a Māori word meaning teaching, learning and education, is a collaborative endeavour from the staff at HEDC and colleagues from around the University with a shared interest in higher education teaching.

In this biannual publication we intend to bring you a range of informative articles, updates on higher education matters and research projects, and most importantly, ideas to challenge you and enhance your teaching.

Akoranga issue 8: November 2012
(PDF, 3.56MB)

Akoranga issue 7: August 2011
(PDF, 3.30MB)

Akoranga issue 6: October 2010
(PDF, 6.62MB)

Akoranga issue 5: February 2010
Innovation in teaching and learning
(PDF, 1.17MB)

Akoranga issue 4: February 2009
(PDF, 774KB)

Akoranga issue 3: June 2008
(PDF, 461KB)

Akoranga issue 2: February 2008
Research and teaching
(PDF, 699KB)

Akoranga issue 1: June 2007
(PDF, 574KB)