PASS sessions

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If you’re a first year student, PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is a great way to get help with specific papers you’re taking.

PASS workshops are different to tutorials

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Weekly interactive study sessions are led by students (PASS Leaders) who successfully completed the paper the previous year. You’ll benefit by learning from the student leader’s experiences while working on subject-related problems and questions as a group. This will allow you to get a better understanding of your course material, develop effective approaches to study and improve your independent learning skills.

What PASS sessions are being held this semester?

Check availability and enrol for sessions on our booking page.

Here’s what some survey respondents have said about the PASS programme:

“One hour in PASS is worth 3 or 4 hrs struggling on my own.”

“It’s more interactive. You can help each other work through problems instead of taking notes or being told the answers.”

“(PASS)…helps you get a deeper understand(ing) when you work through problems with peers instead of writing notes and being told answers.”

The story behind PASS

The programme is based on the very successful Supplemental Instruction (SI) programmes in North American universities. Research in different countries had shown that students who have been part of a PASS or SI programme gain higher marks in their courses.

Want to become a PASS leader?

If you did well in your first year course and would like to provide guidance for new students taking the paper, contact Carole Scott at the SLC.

We also have other leadership opportunities available with the Student Leadership Programme.