Student leadership

The Otago Student Leadership programme (academic support), run by the Student Learning Centre, brings students together through a range of fun and educational peer support activities. Activities are organised to suit students of all ages and backgrounds, and are supported and supervised by staff of the Student Learning Centre.

Becoming a student leader is a great way to get involved in the life of your university, and make a positive contribution to the Otago experience.

If you’re a new student and would like some guidance or just want someone you can call on if you need it, read more about applying for peer support.

How it works

The Student Leadership Programme coordinator organises regular meetings with a Student Advisory group made up of leaders, students receiving support and SLC staff. The group’s purpose is to promote the programme and to evaluate and plan activities that help to enhance students’ university experiences. Students who have applied to be leaders and students who have applied for peer support are then matched based on what they can offer and what they would like to achieve.