Apply for peer support

The Student Leadership Peer Support Programme offers a great range of activities to enhance your Otago experience and help you integrate into life as a university student. Activities are organised to suit students of all ages and backgrounds, and are supported and supervised by staff of the Student Learning Centre.

How does the programme work?

If you’re interested in accessing peer support activities, please complete an application form to indicate which area(s) of support you’re interested in.The programme coordinator will organise peer support activities and match your needs to a student leader or group activity.

What peer support activities does the programme offer?

Orientation support

You can have someone help you out over the orientation period (or longer if necessary) to find your way around the campus, direct you to the services you might need or just to help you adjust to university life.

Language support

You can receive peer language support by:

  • joining one of our conversational English groups, designed to give second language students the opportunity to practise their English speaking skills with Kiwi students. Groups meet for one hour a week throughout the semester.
  • and/or you can ask for a ‘Kiwi’ student leader to be assigned to you to help you adjust to Kiwi culture and improve your English language skills.

Academic support

You can apply for a peer leader (mentor) to be assigned to you to help you to adapt to university life and study. This could include time management, study skills or proof-reading. If you’re interested, complete the peer support application form. We can also help you form a peer learning/study group (please contact the programme coordinator if you are interested in peer-learning groups).

Writing support (peer writers)

Peer writers are students like you. They’ve been there so they know what you’re talking about! Peer writers do not edit or correct your writing, but they can provide assistance with writing assignments by focusing on developing your general self-help skills, and self-editing skills in particular. They can also help you access some great resources.

Assistance can be a combination of the following approaches:

  • helping you to understand the expectations of the particular writing assignments you’re are working on
  • identifying existing strategies you’ve used in the past that worked well, or worked well to some extent; these strategies can be built on
  • asking questions that help you to develop problem-solving skills for drafting, developing, writing and editing written assignments and accessing printed and electronic resources
  • introducing you to resources (printed and online, both Student Learning Centre resources and good resources from other universities)
  • identifying other strategies that you may want to explore, like working in small groups or peer-editing

To contact a peer writer to make a time to meet, contact Carole Scott at the Student Learning Centre.