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A large amount of your time at university will be spent working with written sources of information, and sometimes you’ll have to read and process a lot in a short space of time. To read purposefully and efficiently, you’ll want understand the structure of texts, how to read for different purposes, and how to reflect on your reading.

You might also like to see our information on researching, to help you find the right information for the job.

Study guides

Effective reading strategies (PDF, 107KB)

A guide designed to help you read university material more effectively.

Quick tip sheets

Effective reading (PDF, 555KB)

Quick tips on active reading techniques, understanding the material etc.

Online tutorials

Essay writing with readings

This online information literacy module has a good section on effective reading techniques. If you would like to undertake the entire module, it will take about an hour to work through.


For more information, and to register, see the SLC workshops page.

Reading for understanding

This 50 minute workshop is designed to give you some strategies to read university material more effectively and efficiently and with greater understanding.