Writing and publishing


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Writing research papers for journal publication

The seminar will provide an overview of the typical sections in a research manuscript prepared for journal publication in health and social sciences. It will describe examples of content to be included in specific sections, including the introduction and literature review, methods, findings discussion, and styles for citing references. The session will present and discuss examples of writing for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Negotiating for authorship

This workshop aims to empower participants with methods to rationally discuss and negotiate authorship concerns with collaborators. The workshop addresses the main authorship issues cited in the literature and provides strategies for avoiding such problems in the future.

Doing research literature reviews

Most researchers do multiple literature reviews during their career. The first part of the session will outline common purposes for literature reviews and types of reviews evident across several disciplines including health/medicine and social sciences. The second part will cover electronic search strategies and techniques, article retrieval and the uses of bibliographic software. The session will provide opportunities for audience participation and will draw on the experiences of those willing to share their tips for literature reviews.

Systematic literature reviews: a critical analysis

The session will outline the core ideas of systematic reviews and meta analysis. It will describe some examples of systematic literature reviews and outline criteria commonly used to assess the quality of research studies. Using case studies of published reviews, it will look at whether the reviewers reached ‘reasonable’ conclusions. The assumptions underlying systematic reviews will be discussed in relation to evidence-based practice and evidence-informed policy.