Otago Teaching Profile

The Otago Teaching Profile provides an opportunity for you to reflect on what you are attempting to achieve in your teaching and what you are achieving. It is an evidence-based account of your development, and achievements, as a teacher. For some it also becomes the shared portion of a much more extensive and personal  teaching portfolio. Some academic staff members are required to submit their Otago Teaching Profile as part of their confirmation path development or in applications for promotion.

A guide to the Otago Teaching Profile (PDF, 1.98MB)

A brief guide to help you prepare your profile.

Context form available on HR website (right hand side)

This form may be useful for identifying and describing the teaching conditions of the course being evaluated for the Otago Teaching Profile.

Schedule of teaching responsibilities available on HR website (right hand side)

This form can be used for listing and summarising aspects of your last three years’ teaching.