Tutoring and demonstrating

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Tutors and demonstrators play a key teaching role in the University and are valued members of staff. At the University of Otago, tutors or demonstrators are frequently students who are employed primarily to teach in an assigned number of tutorials or laboratories. Tutors are also employed at some halls of residence.

Training workshops

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Throughout the year we offer workshops that focus on various aspects of tutoring and demonstrating, such as tutoring in the residential colleges, group facilitation, teaching one-to-one and assessment and marking.

Early in each semester we offer Introduction to Tutoring and Demonstrating workshops. These have been designed to provide support for anyone who is about to take up a tutor or demonstrator position and introduces participants to their roles and responsibilities. The workshops include some basic teaching skills, an overview of University-wide resources to support teaching, and some possible solutions to common tutoring or demonstrating problems. The session aims to complement departmental and hall induction/training sessions for tutors.

For Tutors of Residential Colleges – Box file sharing

Tutors in Residential Colleges are encouraged to share their resources (lesson plans, quizzes, anything which you feel will be of benefit to other tutors) in a repository called ‘Box’. ‘Box’ file sharing is generous (10gb), it supports mobile apps, plus it allows a few useful features such as commenting. If you would like to see what resources are currently available and contribute to the pool, please contact Rob (details in the side bar).

For Course coordinators and Heads of Department

Information about employing tutors and demonstrators

Want to become a tutor or demonstrator?

You will need to contact your department to ask if they have any positions available.