Support for new academics

HEDC building front door

The University’s Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC) has operated a valued programme for new teachers over many years, but for new teachers appointed in 2010 and 2011 we piloted a new programme of support. The programme was designed for all those new teachers who will be developing an Otago Teaching Profile, and is particularly relevant to all new academic staff on confirmation track with teaching roles and to many new professional practice fellows. Every aspect of the programme is voluntary. Some learning opportunities within the programme are provided on multiple occasions. Some peer-to peer support gatherings make use of the Access Grid to enable colleagues on all four campuses to work together.

Participants in this programme may take part in as many or as few of the following activities as they wish. A more detailed programme will be provided on request.

An Inquiry into University Teaching

A 2-day event held at the beginning of semester 1, with workshops on theories of learning, course design, lecturing, using technology wisely, assessment and evaluation.

Professional Development Workshop Programme

Workshops are held throughout the year on a wide range of learning and teaching topics.

New Academic Staff Conference

A special annual event for new academic staff on confirmation track.

New Teachers’ Day

Held on day two of the New Staff Conference, this information day covers how to establish course evaluations, organise lecture audio and video recordings, use Clickers, make the most from Blackboard, work with HEDC’s Educational Technology, establish a distance-learning paper, research teaching practice, supervise postgraduate students, interact with the Research Office and more.

New Teachers’ Support Group

The group meets throughout the year, starting with the New Teachers’ Day.

If you are a new academic at the university, HEDC would be grateful if you could get in touch to help us update our database. Please contact Candi Young.