New Teachers’ Day

If you are new to university teaching and new to the University of Otago, the New Teachers’ Day (the day after the New Staff Conference) provides an introduction to teaching and learning at the University of Otago in the form of a one-day workshop.

This workshop is particularly designed for lecturers, professors and professional practice fellows, who may or may not have teaching experience elsewhere, but who need to know more about teaching at Otago. It will be run without lectures or presentations and, pedagogically-speaking, is based on the principles of discovery learning.

New teachers will, in small groups, get to met key people from around the University, and learn about the support that is available to them to teach effectively. This will include how to establish course and teaching evaluations, organise lecture audio and video recordings, use Clickers, make the most from Blackboard, establish a distance-learning paper, research teaching practice, use University lecture room equipment, respond to requests for PhD supervision, interact with the Research Office and more besides.  The workshop will begin at 9.00am and end at 4.00pm.

This will also be an occasion to establish the New Teachers’ Support Group … setting up a group or groups that will stay together throughout the year to support individuals’ teaching development.


Please note that numbers are limited to 25. For information about the next New Teachers’ Day, contact Professor Kerry Shephard.