New Teachers’ Support Group

HEDC has established a small interdisciplinary support group of new teachers who meet together at intervals over lunch between February and November for discussion and mutual support. The main purpose of the group is to provide high levels of institutional and mutual support for individual teachers and to help with teaching issues – but a measure of the group’s usefulness will be if other purposes are explored.

The focus is on identifying issues that are important to members of the group, and we provide a secure forum in which discussions can take place. In the 2011 pilot, we successfully trialled linking colleagues from different campuses in a meeting. Where there is interest in the future we shall hold our meetings in this way and involve colleagues from all campuses together. The new Teachers’ Support Group can address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Discussing and sharing experiences of personal professional development
  • Discussing and sharing Otago Teaching Profiles
  • Sharing ‘micro-teaching’ experiences
  • Other themes by request

All new Lecturers and Professional Practice Fellows will be invited to join this group, but if we miss you please contact Professor Kerry Shephard.