Quick tips for getting started in the classroom

Develop rapport with your students, create a comfortable learning environment, be prepared, and determine some interesting ways to present your content. HEDC lecturer Dr Rob Wass offers some advice:

Running your first tutorial (PDF, 128KB)

The first time you meet your group is important for establishing a positive learning environment.

Tutoring small groups (PDF 121KB)

Practical tips for teaching in small groups.

Expectations and ground rules (PDF, 104KB)

Expectations concern both what you want from your students and what they want from you. It is helpful to provide a sense of structure and set acceptable limitations to discussions.

Planning (PDF, 113KB)

Skilful teachers usually plan their teaching sessions carefully – but in a way that still allows flexibility and some spontaneity.

Effective communication (PDF, 96KB)

Communication is a two-way process. This guide looks at both questioning skills and listening skills.

Icebreakers (PDF, 118KB)

If people are relaxed, trusting, informal, respecting of others, warm and collaborative, this will support the learning process.

Facilitating small groups (PDF, 95KB)

An introduction to the cooperative learning model including skills development and lesson design.